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Ron Swoboda
1969 Miracle METS
successful, I found other Mets names for second and third declensions. As my high school paper noted when word got around that I was doing this, "Looks like Julius Ceasar has finally MET his match."

Latin Nouns – First Declension
      Nominative Swoboda
      Genitive Swobodae
      Dative Swobodae
      Accusative Swobodam
      Ablative Swoboda
      Nominative Swobodae
      Genitive Swobodarum
      Dative Swobodis
      Accusative Swobodas
      Ablative Swobodis

When Swoboda was traded to the Expos in 1971, I was crushed. I remember seeing a man on the subway reading a newspaper that bore the backpage headline:
"End of an Era — Swoboda
Traded". That headline made the trade real to me. But unlike now, where my team "loyalties" are defined by whoever has Eric Byrnes, I remained a Mets fan. It was a different time.
After his playing days, Swoboda became a sports reporter and later a sports news director in New Orleans. I saw him on TV when I was in New Orleans in 1989.
Happy Birthday, Ron Swoboda! Thanks again for your part in the 1969 World Series…and for the help with the Latin.

Kéllia Ramares
Oakland, CA